In memory of Ojetta V. Holt-Shoffner

Our Special 2015 Trip to Camp Kesem

Kesem (n): magic; the ability to change a life; an agent of growth; the unique power that transforms kids into Camp Kesem campers.

Along with some members of our foundation board, we saw the power of Kesem at work during our 2015 visit to Camp Kesem North Carolina. This sleep away camp is for children ages 6 – 16. The kids have one thing in common – all of them have a parent with cancer.

It was awesome connecting with all of the campers again. They even got Terrence to climb what’s called the “Alpine Tower.” Then it was time for a little basketball action. As always, there was a ton of energy and camaraderie from the campers and counselors. It’s impressive. And another reason why we’re committed to supporting the cause.