In memory of Ojetta V. Holt-Shoffner

KidsCAN! at UNC-Rex turns 20

KidsCAN! at UNC Rex celebrated 20 years this weekend with an open house event on Saturday. Families that are currently in the program in addition to alumni families, physicians and staff attended to celebrate the impact KidsCAN! has had on families, even Rexie and lots of therapy dogs showed up too! The event included a scavenger hunt tour of the building, snacks as tasty ice cream, a photobooth from TapSnap, music and crafts. Families who have only ever met virtually got to meet in person which was no doubt a highlight of the day. Families new to kidsCAN! were able to see the space and become comfortable not only with the area, but with each other! 

Celebrating the 20th year of KidsCAN! at UNC Rex was a huge success. The program has been hugely impactful on not just the kids, but the parents, siblings, staff, extended family and beyond. 20 years of helping to alleviate the pain that cancer can bring into a child’s life is most definitely a milestone worth celebrating, and it was a success!