In memory of Ojetta V. Holt-Shoffner

KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship- Jacob Sullivan

Meet Jacob, one of our KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship recipients! Jacob was a KidsCAN! participant in his youth and reflects how important that experience was in order to properly cope with the disruption to his home life. In addition to his participation in KidsCAN!, Jacob was the treasurer for Camp Kesem at University of Pittsburgh. Taking a leadership role in this program has granted Jacob the opportunity to give back to the programs that gave so much to him.

Jacob is studying at the University of Pittsburgh to become a neurosurgeon, in hopes to realize this lifelong dream of his. While balancing a rigorous academic schedule, he makes time to do volunteer work at local hospitals, work in a research lab, and continues to stay involved with Camp Kesem. He has a motivation paired with a passion for his education that is unmatched, and we are so happy to be supporting him on his journey.