In memory of Ojetta V. Holt-Shoffner

KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship- Maisen Aromando

Meet Maisen, one of our KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship Recipients! Maisen participated in our KidsCAN! program during her father’s battle with cancer. During her time participating in our KidsCAN! program, she connected with other children who were going through a similar experience. Still today, Maisen can recognize how having a supportive community like KidsCAN! can be game changing when going through the most challenging time of her life. She often reflects on the teachers in her life that showed her empathy and compassion during this time. Having those role models in her life have inspired her to study to become a teacher herself.

Maisen is not only passionate about one day being an educator for the youth of today, but she aspires to know her students on a personal level. With such a strong passion for education, we are certain Maisen will do just that. Studying Elementary Education at Lindenwood Univerity, we know Maisen has found a calling and she knows firsthand how impactful an emphatic teacher can be in a student’s life. We are so proud of Maisen and have loved watching and supporting her in her journey!