In memory of Ojetta V. Holt-Shoffner

KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship- Peighton Jones

Meet Peighton, one of our KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship recipients! Peighton has described her time at KidsCAN! as her home away from home during her father’s battle with cancer. One of her most impactful moments from her time participating, was when she was given a tour of the hospital her father was receiving treatment in. The KidsCAN! facilitators explained the different floors, the machines, and what each doctor’s job was. With a proper education, Peighton recalls feeling a sense of relief now that she was out of the dark. Knowing how impactful our KidsCAN! program was for Peighton, we are nothing short of thrilled to be supporting her educational dreams.

A senior at North Carolina State University, Peighton is studying Textile Technology in hopes to improve the sustainability of the fashion world. After securing an internship with Tesla, and most recently Victoria Secret, her motivation to excel in the field in palpable. Driven and passionate about her work, we can’t wait to see all Peighton does!