In memory of Ojetta V. Holt-Shoffner

KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarships- London Lamoureux

Meet London, one of our KidsCAN! Alumni Scholarship recipients! London and her siblings participated in our KidsCAN! program during her mother’s battle with cancer. She feels grateful that her family was able to have such a strong community support system during her mother’s battle. Being so young, she reflects on how impactful the medical professionals were at that age. London explains how during her mother’s cancer treatment and eventually her passing, the KidsCAN! facilitators and Child Life Specialist were able to explain to her what was happening in a way that her parents couldn’t. 

London is off to college at Truman State to study English and we cannot wait to see what her future has in store for her. With interests in a variety of different subjects, she can’t wait to dive in and get a taste of it all. She has high hopes to leave a positive impact on the world, and we are certain she will do just that! We are happy to support London in her new educational adventure!